What’s the first step?
Contact Cakes by Stephanie by phone or e-mail and an informational packet can be mailed to you.

What’s next after I receive the informational packet?
Simply give us a call to set up a free cake consultation.  Appointments last from as little as 10 minutes (someone really knows what they what) to as long as 1 ½ hour (has no clue what they want).  You can flip through several photo albums for ideas of different cake designs or bring in a picture from a magazine.  It can be duplicated for your special day.

What about a deposit?
A $25.00 non-refundable deposit reserves your date.  Your balance is due 2 weeks prior to your event.  Remember if full payment is not received  prior to your date all money is forfeited.

Is there a delivery charge?
In most cases there is no delivery charge if your hall is in the Milwaukee metropolitan area and a few out lying suburbs.  There is a delivery charge of $35.00 for longer travel distances (Oconomowoc, Hartford, Hartland, Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Kenosha, Racine, Chicago).

What if I want a fountain or other additional items?  Is there a rental fee?
No.  If you want your cake to look more dramatic place it on a fountain stand or for larger cakes side cakes connecting to the main cake with bridges can be used.

Do I need to return any items borrowed?
No.  Cakes by Stephanie will return in the evening and pick up any items borrowed.  This is really convenient for you.  You don’t have to depend on someone else to return items.

What other items do you offer?
Cake toppers can get expensive.  You only use it once. What do you do with it?  Put it in the attic and forget about it.  How about borrowing one of ours.  We have several to choose from.   Also knives of different styles can be provided.

Can I do all different flavors for my cake?  Is there an additional charge for this?
Yes you can do all different flavors of cakes but what tends to happen one flavor becomes more popular than another and everyone wants that flavor and what happens?  You run out of the popular flavor and guests are disappointed.  The best advise is to stick to two flavors at most or do the ½ yellow ½ chocolate cake (called a tuxedo cake).

Do I have options for fresh flowers, artificial flowers or frosting flowers?
You can put what ever you want on your cake.  Fresh flowers make a cake look beautiful but remember whoever is cutting the cake must remove them.  If you like we can place the flowers on the cake or your florist can.

Do you limit the number of cakes you do on a weekend?
Yes.  Don’t be disappointed get your order in early.  June and July are popular wedding months.

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